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Dear BAMf

We are all BAMfs (badass motherf*ckers) according to us, but sometimes even BAMfs need help. Dear BAMf podcast is a 30-minute advice podcast, hosted by our CEO Beck Bamberger, where guests address anonymously submitted PR + marketing questions or issues.

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The Latest Episodes

Dear BAMf // EPISODE 678

In today's episode of the Dear BAMf podcast, Juliette Kopecky of LinkSquares explains how to communicate the benefits of assets to a client.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 67

In today's episode of the Dear BAMf podcast, Nick Kim Principal of Crosscut Ventures talks about proactively preventing crises.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 66

In today's episode of the Dear BAMf podcast, Jamie Gatto Head of Ureeka advises on communicating a brand refresh.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 65

In today’s episode of the Dear BAMf podcast, Heather Smith of SpyCloud gives tips and tricks for CMO’s presenting at board meetings.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 64

In today's episode of the Dear BAMf podcast, Justin Helmig of IMPLAN communicates what investors want to see in a deck.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 63

In today's episode of the Dear BAMf podcast, Victoria Griffin of Rhia Ventures explains how to prepare for on-set tv interviews.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 62

Catherine Thomas advises how to crack into tier-one media when client assets are limited.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 61

Tamara Alesi of YouGov gives advice on how to rationalize with a demanding CMO.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 60

Victor Lee of Kin Insurance compares lead generation through local versus national press.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 59

Clarissa Horowitz of Treasury Prime explains how to leverage small budgets using trade publications.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 58

Natasha Azar of Osage University Partners talks about positioning your client for top-tier publications.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 57

Patrick McCarthy of Waybridge gives advice on how to entice media.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 56

Josh Thomas of Flock Safety talks about the benefit of local PR when launching in new markets.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 55

Liz Prugh of Kitsune Consulting explains how to maximize marketing content.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 54

Jeff Lerner of Flock Freight explains how to preserve client relationships through partnership.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 53

Mimi Gadsden of Doctor.com explains how to ask media to meet in person post-pandemic.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 52

Julie Inouye of VSCO explains how to get your rebrand maximum coverage.



Dear BAMf // EPISODE 51

Keji Mustapha of Connect Ventures talks about how to delight your customers with meaningful gifts.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 50

Clare Bennett of Dcode gives options on what to do when your C-suite is not receptive to media training.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 49

Gwen Fisher of PassageBio speaks about how market research can influence your startup's messaging.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 48

Jonny Steel of Payoneer explains how to navigate international markets.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 47

Nick Morris of Onna explains how to convince your c-suite to do a brand refresh.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 46

Sheena Badani of Gong talks about when to turn down PR placements.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 45

Elise Brown of Anthemis Group explains how to communicate success during a pandemic.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 44

Elise Brown of Anthemis Group explains how to communicate success during a pandemic.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 43

Dan Tarman of DanTarman.com talks about media training the CEO for an IPO announcement.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 42

April Conyers of Postmates talks about her favorite delivery ever and the best way to leverage data.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 41

Gabrielle Ferree of OneTrust talks about being number-one on the 500 INC. list and how to handle client scope creep.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 40

Tina Rubin of Wave talks about vetting your PR agency for IPO experience.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 39

Whitney Curry of Pacaso talks about the power of data and internal communications.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 38

Lee Davis of Spectrum Labs shares how to do more with fewer marketing resources.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 37

Rob Gonzalez of Salsify explains the importance of the digital shelf and gives tips on improving internal communications.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 36

Shimon Lazarov of OKCoin speaks about the cryptocurrency landscape and gives tips for strengthening messaging.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 35

Caitlin Epstein of Twilio Inc. tells us the story behind the $3 billion breakfast burrito.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 34

Erin Kim of Geltor Inc. talks about when and how to walk from tier-one media coverage.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 33

Alexis Evans of Fair.com gives us the secret on how to tell a compelling data-driven story.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 32

Erica Frank of Oak Street Health strategizes how to bring a pilot product to market.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 31

Paul Bernardini of Kabbage explains how they became the second-largest lender in the nation.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 30


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 29

Natsuki Zihnioglu, of DNX Ventures spells out the proper protocol for handling a leaked embargo.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 28

Drew Beechler of High Alpha reminds founders that nothing is off the record in media relations.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 27

Cliff Worley of Kapor Capital talks about how to get the full potential out of product and service testimonials.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 26

Kip Knight of Thomvest Ventures addresses COVID misinformation and creating an effective media footprint.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 25

Ted Dillon of Clean Energy Ventures talks about setting PR strategies, including how to leverage trade media.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 24

Sam Ahmed of Nauta Capital talks about Public Relation strategies, competitors, and international marketing.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 23

Nicole Canulla of DUST Identity gives counsel on internal communication strategies while working from home during Covid.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 22

Gabe provides numerous case studies that answer some tough marketing and PR questions for our listeners, including the notion that any press is good press.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 21

Ronda Scott gives young startups advice for determining when it's time to either hire internally or hire an agency.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 20

Maya Lockwood explains the role emotional intelligence plays in preparing CEOs for media interviews. 


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 19

Nikki Parker explains how to convey the importance of PR beyond simply media relations and into a larger strategy.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 18

Jackie Wasilczyk talks about the COVID puppy boom of 2020, how to forge relationships with media, and how off-brand sponsorships affect a company's reputation.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 17

Amy talks about the evolution of the founder's journey, how to prepare for an acquisition announcement, how to move forward as a united front to maximize the results of media coverage for your client.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 16

Kaitlin Durkosh questions the why of putting out good/bad news, shares advice about preparing your client to speak to media, and emphasizes the importance of acknowledgment.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 15

Rachel Hofstetter unpacks the execution of managing up, staying above water in a crowded marketplace, blatant plagiarism, and how to leverage love languages to enhance communication with your CEO.  


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 14

Charity Mhende explains the purpose of a press release, shares tips for choosing a PR agency, and what to do if your agency starts representing a competitor.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 13

Tyana Daley of Immertec gives advice on how to implement a DEI program, crisis comms, and building a relationship with journalists.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 12

Rob Haralson of Anzu Partners explains the value of virtual events and dealing with a client that won't listen to your strategic counsel.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 11

Vincent Touati-Tomas of Northzone answers tricky questions about how to ignite passion even when you're not so passionate about your job.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 10

Lindsay Amos of Y Combinator shares her thoughts on how to convey the 'why' of a brand refresh to your CEO, balancing client expectations, and gives advice on vetting a PR agency.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 9

Maria Juan, Vice President of Marketing at Peerfit, tackles your healthcare-focused PR questions on maximizing your data, the importance of internal PR for a marketing agency, and best ways to share patient experience with the press.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 8

Erin Gleason of Founders Fund answer a tricky question about how to tactfully share positive company news with the media in a COVID-19 world.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 7

Brian Dema of Silicon Valley Bank tells us how to leverage marketing metrics to tell impactful stories along with BAM's Managing Director of Marketing & Innovation, Neha Singh.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 6

Rebecca Buckman of Battery Ventures answers tricky questions about how to prepare for an IPO and what to do when a client is ignoring media advice.

Dear BAMf // EPISODE 5

Natalie Sportelli of Lerer Hippeau answers tough questions or protecting brand identity and communicating during a pandemic.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 4

Nairi Hourdajian of Canaan dives into media relations, how to overcome roadblocks to secure larger stories, and more.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 3

Kerry Bennett of Upfront Ventures addresses topics on crisis comms, the value of PR, and media outreach when dealing with a CEO's bad reputation.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 2

Sarah King of Flywire tackles challenges with media ethics, client communication barriers, and internal communications during #COVID19.

Dear BAMf // EPISODE 1

Sanja Komljenovic of ONA Creative dives into maintaining great client relationships, defining target audiences, and identifying the right marketing strategy amidst COVID-19



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