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Your Industry is Hot — How Do You Maximize Your Reach?

BAM's Lessons from Dandapani: Unveiling the Power of Purpose

You see it happening — your company or product is finally in the right place at the right time. The industry you’re a part of is in the limelight. But wait … why do you keep seeing your competitors out front and center? Don’t let this opportunity pass you by — maximize your reach! Here are some tried and true tips by BAM’s PR and marketing pros to get you started maximizing your reach:

Have a bold POV? Share it. Don't have one? Get one.

Newsjacking is an opportunity to take advantage of current events or news stories to promote your POV or unique angle on the topic as it relates back to your product.

Your PR team can stay on top of the industry news cycle and identify ways to insert your company's mission into the hottest topics. Once aligned, PR will utilize their media relationships to arrange an interview, and work with you on messaging beforehand so you don't say something you'll regret. Before you know it, your name and quote are part of the industry-wide conversation.

Thought Leadership
Become a thought leader in your industry by commenting on relevant topics, publishing thought leadership pieces  at a consistent cadence, and staying active on social media. Make your platform even stronger by branching out and commenting on topics that aren't always directly related to your product — the more you get your name out there, the better.

Social Involvement
Engage with social media posts that share articles and content currently relevant to your industry. By doing so, your company can show its interest in timely, trending industry news and join in on a conversation. Additionally, by engaging with industry-relevant social media, you are boosting your company's name and social account with a similar audience as yours. This can bring organic visits to your profile or website.

Build Reporter Relationships
Take into consideration that your goal is to build trust with the reporter and that being helpful can include sending them useful resources, but this doesn’t exactly guarantee that they will use the information you sent over or write about your product. Don’t take it personally, these small steps can keep you top of mind for the reporter and help you develop credibility over time.

Before you reach out:

  • Think about what's happening in the news cycle and tie it into your story to make it more topical.
  • Know if the reporters you're contacting typically include executives and/or customers in every story.
  • See if there's any compelling data/stats you can share with the reporter that'll make your story more credible.



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