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What PR Can and Can’t Do

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Ready to hire a PR agency? We break down what the pros can and can’t do.

Good public relations pros are worth the investment for any company or public leader who needs a solid public image — just ask anyone who has invested into hiring a PR agency. But, there are plenty of misconceptions about what a PR pro or agency can do. 

We break down what PR can and can’t do so you’re not wasting your time when hiring an agency. 

The Can’t Dos

Let’s start with what a publicist cannot do to tear down any delusions now. Publicists can’t…

  • Guarantee you a full-page spread in The Wall Street Journal. Any publicist who is telling you they can, is misleading you. What a publicist can do is help you build relationships with top tier reporters, like those from WSJ, with the hopes that you will get positive coverage. 
  • Put lipstick on a pig. Have a scandal to cover up or negative Q4 results? Publicists can’t cover up the negative stories that a company may not want the audience knowing. A publicist can, however, highlight the positives and help executives gracefully acknowledge any unfavorable stories. 
  • Guarantee sales. Even if a publicist lands you a glossy, front-page story, it doesn’t mean that will result in sales. That work is saved for the sales department. 
  • Lie. Publicists can’t and won’t lie about a company or executive. When BAM brings on clients, we commit to telling their true story. We don’t tell reporters they do something if the company can’t do it, and we don’t lie to the public. How will we look our mamas in the eye if we do? 
  • Make up for lack of momentum. Oftentimes, a company will want to hire a PR agency to help build internal momentum. However, that momentum should be built internally. A company needs to build a solid culture within before soliciting positive press. 

The Can Dos 

Whew, now that we got that off our minds — here’s what PR can do and do well. 

Build brand awareness. Publicists can help build the right campaigns to target the right audiences, which result in bringing positive brand awareness. The right publicist will help validate, humanize and drive visibility for a brand.

Bring new top-of-funnel leads. While publicists can’t guarantee sales, we can guarantee new leads that will possibly bring more revenue to the company. 

Build trust. Publicists can help companies and executives build trust with just about anyone — from external partners, other businesses, investors and customers. 

Guide a company. A publicist can help company leaders avoid land mines and ensure the company is heading down the right path. Publicists are constantly gauging public opinions and will share any insight with decision makers. 

Affect your bottom line. A solid PR plan will help your company grow in all aspects of operation, whether it’s getting in front of the right audiences or helping you become the category leader. It’s just a matter of understanding how publicists work and what your overarching expectations are from a PR agency. 


Want to chat more about what good PR can do? Chat with us at hello@bamtheagency.com


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