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BAM Announces New Human Comms Offering to Support VC Backed Startups

BAM's Lessons from Dandapani: Unveiling the Power of Purpose

We’re introducing Human Comms, the 3rd branch of our services here at BAM, alongside public relations and marketing.

Human Comms represents a massive need in comms for internal communication that is people focused, empathetic, and inclusive. Our new services, led by our People team, Chelsea, Jill, and Nichole, covers how to attract, retain, and develop talent. In our experience supporting venture-backed startups with storytelling, we learned that some of the greatest stories come from a thoughtfully crafted rich company culture with clear values and passionate people. 

Here’s a little more from Chelsea, Jill, and Nichole on what Human Comms means: 

“This idea that you can cookie-cut values, culture, DEI and say, here's the formula for any organization and believe it's going to be successful is a lie that many people think works. Instead, you need to craft a very unique strategy for your specific group of humans. And that's what we have done so well at BAM, is really listen to our people to develop that.

We listen to our individual team members, but we're also keeping a pulse on what's happening in the world, in our industry, and in the US globally. We're paying attention in all the ways so we can tailor benefits, perks, flexibility and culture that is specific to our unique group of people. And I think that is the element that we are going to be able to give and help organizations because we have done that so well.” - Jill Veglahn, Head of People


“Like most startups, BAM, is modeled in a similar way–we're small and scrappy. And hiring right now is extremely difficult. Even with the layoffs that are going on in the market across all industries, it's still extremely difficult. Company values, the real human element, I think is lost so much in the recruitment process where folks think it's job-specific questions, skills, specific requirements are what generate qualified leads - this doesn’t cut it anymore.” - Nichole Mendez, Director, Talent Acquisition


“Bringing in an outside team allows you to minimize the bias that’s inevitably present when building these processes internally. When you get an outside perspective, you can evaluate your values, processes, culture, and DEI from a different lens.” - Chelsea Gonzalez, Talent Acquisition

If you’re a scaling venture-backed startup or a larger company looking to refine your current Human Comms, fill out our Get Started form to get in touch with our team.


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