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4 Things We Heard in San Francisco: BAM Event Week Recap

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Earlier this month, BAM spent the week in San Francisco, hosting events and getting the opportunity to be in-person with our community of founders, media, and venture capitalists. The week was spent providing workshops on media and communications, and culminated with our Media Matchmaking Day, our “speed dating” event to curate introductions between tech journalists and venture-backed founders.

At the end of the morning we asked some of the reporters in attendance, “What are you excited about right now?” Here is what they had to say.

David Callaway, Callaway Climate Insights 

"Carbon, anything plastic-related, and nature-based solutions were at the forefront of my discussions," says David Callaway. He is particularly excited by reuses of nature, natural materials, and preservation efforts right now.

Alastair Goldfisher, Freelancer

Alastair Goldfisher was most excited to speak to founders in the AI field and understand the nuance of their technology. As he said, "Everyone claims to be an AI company right now, but I want to understand the difference between those who are really using AI as the backbone of their business, and those who are just adding that buzzword to their messaging".

Andrew Mendez, Silicon Valley Buisness Journal

Andrew Mendez is able to cover a broad spectrum of topics in his role at The Silicon Valley Business Journal, but his enthusiasm lies in topics related to climate and mobility. This includes urban air mobility, including air taxis and climate hardware, but, specifically, “I find stories that contribute to climate solutions most exciting," he shared. 

Simon Campbell, San Francisco Business Journal 

For Simon, excitement as we head into the new year lies in job creation. While mainly focused on biotech and exploring new therapeutics, what sparks his interest most is how these groundbreaking technologies are creating new jobs. 


BAM believes in the value of community and the positive impact in-person networking can have on fostering and deepening relationships. BAM’s events are curated to bring together like minded communities and spark relationships. Check out our blog post on how to ace your next media conversation, and keep checking back in to our Events page to see what in-person opportunities we're curating next! 


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