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Webinar: Ask Media Anything
(AMA): Artificial Intelligence

In our November 2023 Ask Media Anything webinar we sat down with Aaron Mok, a reporter for Business Insider, to discuss the wild world of artificial intelligence in the media. Missed the event? Register to access the full recording!

Meet the Speakers

Host: Brittany Harran

Brittany Harran is a Senior Account Manager at BAM. She advises B2B startups and venture funds on all things media relations. 

Aaron Mok

Aaron Mok is a reporter on the business news team at Business Insider, covering the people, power, and money behind tech with a focus on AI. 

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What is Ask Media Anything?

In BAM's Ask Media Anything webinars, we sit down with 3-5 journalists to ask them the burning PR, media, and pitching questions you're afraid to ask. 

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