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Nichole Mendez

Director, Talent Acquisition


Past companies/agencies:
Hydrogen Group, Oliver James Associates

Nichole Mendez is Director of Talent Acquisition at BAM. As Director, she focuses heavily on strategy, management, leadership, increasing stakeholder engagement, and continuing to shape BAM’s culture and DEI strategy. Nichole also oversees talent acquisition and company partnerships. 

Before BAM, Nichole built out Hydrogen Group’s engineering division for their west coast office. She paired high-level engineering professionals with reputable medical device companies across California. Before joining Hydrogen Group, she was a headhunter at Oliver James Associates and placed mid-level to C-Suite accounting professionals in global companies within the financial services sector.

Fun fact: 

Many of my major life decisions were made on a whim: life-changing trips, tattoos, breaking my lease and moving across the country, buying a home I never stepped foot in, eloping with my partner, and all three of my pups. While spontaneity has been nothing short of a benefit to me, I’ve realized that being passionate and purposeful are what matter to me. I’ve learned I can be all of these things, even if it means I start planning future chapters of my life. 

Favorite hobby: 

I’m a voracious reader. One of the things I miss about the east coast is sitting on the Path train and getting lost in whatever I’m reading at the moment. Storytelling is important to me. Reading about other people’s lives, important lessons, cultures, foods, symbolism, metaphors, fiction or nonfiction — whatever it is. It’s a temporary escape from the buzz of my own life and a portal to another’s. Reading is like a quick vacation but much cheaper.